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As Johnny Cash says, the "train of love's a-comin". Trains have been romanticized in popular culture and imagination, as places where lovers meet and depart, and as the vital connector between two people. Work, education, and living situations can put distances between loved ones. Trains have proven that they can connect you with your long-distance partner, solve your homesickness, or rekindle time-tested friendships. 


Though trains are often taken for granted, our survey respondents shared how passenger rail brings them closer to their families through harsh weather, moves to new cities, or even a pandemic. Trains are just as much about people and our emotions as they are technology and tracks. Every day, passengers take the train to visit loved ones that they have lost, that are distant, or that are brand new, such as these passengers: 

“I was on a passenger train from Belleville to Woodstock and there were these adorable kids in the same car as me ...when I arrived in Woodstock, I found out that I was going to be a parent.”

- Passenger, Southwestern Ontario

"[I fondly recall] taking a VIA train to Montreal for my first wedding anniversary with my wife to share my love of the city and travel by rail.”

- Passenger, Central Ontario

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